Christian Ed News 2023

Christian Education is concentrating on events and programs such as Vacation Bible School.

Children attending church on Sundays will have the option of staying in church service (with our special, age-appropriate "busy bags") or participating in an activity in Parish Hall.  

If you have an interest in supporting CE, please see Pastor Marilyn. Thank you! 

Confirmation class to be determined by interest.

CHILDREN'S CHOIR: Call the church for information. 


Class days/times to be determined.  Confirmation is a special time in our youth's faith journey.  This is the time where they get to explore their faith on a personal level.  The teens have the freedom to explore, other faiths/ denominations, their personal relationship with God, and have the opportunity to become a full member of the Church.  This is the time of maturity and responsibility.  It is a fun filled year, where we learn to see God in everyday life, experience and learn about the faith journey of others, as well as take part as active members of the Church

Teen Faith Formation 


Adult Bible Study 

Call Pastor Marilyn for additional information.  860-653-6495.

Membership Classes


Sunday School Registration Form

I give permission to First Church to take and post pictures (no names) on social media.