Prayer Practicum

Tuesdays, 10:30am to 12 noon.

(If you missed last week’s session, join us on Tuesday and we will help you catch up!)

January 17 through February 7 (possibly 2/14.)  Bring a lunch and stay after the session to enjoy fellowship.

WHAT:  What’s a “Practicum”?  It’s a workshop of sorts.  If you’re interested in prayer AT ALL, this series is for you!

WHO LEADSBob and Barbara Japenga will facilitate this series.  Bob and Barbara are both Spiritual Directors and have a listening prayer ministry (  They facilitate many such sessions.

THE SERIES:  This series begins with “What is Prayer?” and takes us through the Lord’s Prayer.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PARTICIPATE?  An open heart and mind to hear from God.  A journal will be provided for you to take notes.  Bring a Bible and a friend! 

Music Notes

January, 2023  -Our new Music Director, Rebecca Brown, will be starting on January 1.  We welcome her to our church family.

You may email her directly at with any comments/suggestions.

Rebecca has been playing the piano or organ in churches since age 12.  She received her music degree at the University of Florida and has been a church Music Director for more than 30 years.  In 2014 she moved from Florida to serve as Youth Minister at First Church Granby (UCC) and was ordained there in 2018. 

Rebecca describes her work as “forming faith through music”.  To her, music is ministry because it can slip beneath the shut door of a closed mind or heart.  Her passion is composing and arranging music, and as such, she is as likely to rework a dusty old hymn as reset a modern pop song for its sacred worth. It’s all Spirit.

Rebecca has rich ministry experience with church choirs, youth, and has served as a hospice Chaplain.  She lives and thrives in Granby, CT.

Our First Church Choir is ready to begin Wednesday night rehearsals.  Our first rehearsal will be on February 8, 7:30-9pm.  It is not too late to join, and if you are uncertain of what part you sing, you can meet with Rebecca on Wednesday, Feb. 1 (or a time best for you) to do a SING-IN - which is a chance to do a private session with her to determine your voice range and the choir part you might best sing.  Questions?  Email Rebecca at or text her at 352-745-6644

First Church has been blessed with an amazing gift!  A Steinway Grand has been donated to our church and music program by Judy Burhans, a longtime church musician previously serving at First Church Granby. We are sooo grateful to her for this extremely generous donation.  Rebecca Brown, our new music director is a professional concert pianist and can't wait to bring her music to the church - now, on a Steinway Grand!  We are so blessed!